Slany 31 July 2010 Go Pushkin


Slany [Slaný] is a town in Central Bohemia, with hussite history. Slany is accessible by car/train/bus from Prague (20 minutes).

Places to see in Slany

In the central part is the Masarik square [Masarykovo Náměstí], which has always been a junction for social and business activities. At the square a fountain from 1825 can be found.

Velvarska gate with a tall tower dates back to 1443. At present a historical exposition can be found on the premises. The Holy Sepulchre Chapel [Kaple Božího hrobu], built in 1665, is the oldest building of this kind in Bohemia. The Holy Trinity Monastery [Klášter Nejsvětější Trojice] dates back to 1655, the St Gothard Church [Kostel Svatého Gotharda] even further into the history, originally built as romanesque building and in 15th century rebuilt in gothic style.

Activities in Slany

The main attraction being sightseeing, but visitors can enjoy also the Ethnical Open-Air Museum in Třebíč focused on Hussite festivities. There is also an open-air summer cinema or an in-door swimming pool.