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Town in Eastern Bohemia [Východní Čechy] counting around 10 000 inhabitants.

litomysl czech, smetana czechMonastery in Litomysl,Eastern Bohemia,Czech Republic

History of Litomysl

The town Litomysl was first mentioned in 981 in the ‘Kosma’s Chronicle’ [Kosmova Kronika Česká]. In the 12th century a Premonstrian monastery was founded in the Litomysl area.

In 1249 Litomysl was granted city privileges, by King Premysl Otakar II [Král Přemysl Otakar II]. During the period when the Kostka of Postupice family ruled Litomysl it became a home for many famous intellectuals.
In 1567 the new Lord of Litomysl became Vratislav of Pernstejn [Vratislav z Pernštejna]. One year later building work began on a large-scale palace. The renaissance castle, which is now listed as an UNESCO heritage was built 14 years later.

Bedrich Smetana [Bedřich Smetana]

Litomysl is also the birthplace of the famous composer Bedrich Smetana. In the castle brewery is located Smetana’s memorial. Annually an opera festival is held in the castle grounds.

Litomysl Castle [Zámek Litomyšl]

Renaissance castle was built in 1582 and is an essential part of the historical town. According to the legend, there was a hounted room in the castle where as soon as the clock stroke midnight, awful tormenting sounds could be heard and a voice repeating the phrase ‘Saecula Saecolorum!’. Anyone staying in this room overnight would run away.

One day a monk knocked on the door, asking for a bed for the night. He was told about the haunted chamber, but he was brave and took the offer. He fell asleep and as soon as the clock stroke midnight, terrible sounds could be heart. The brave monk asked the ghost whether he can help somehow. Suddenly he could hear ‘Saecula Saecolorum!’ The monk instantly recognised the Latin phrase from the liturgy of the mass and replyed: ‘Amen!’. The ghost replyed: ‘Thank you, now I am free!’ and vanished forever.

Places to Visit

Apart from the famous Litomysl Castle and the Castle Theatre, Litomysl offers also other interesting sites. Smetana Square [Smetanovo Náměstí] is 495 metres long and you can find there the former Town Hall from 1418, the Knight’s House [U Ritířů] which is a preserved renaissance building from 1640 or the statue of Bedrich Smetana.
Other interesting places to visit are the Birthplace of Bedrich Smetana located in the Castle Brewery, the baroque Piarist church, or the Priory church from the years 1356-76.
Those who want a break from sightseeing can visit local Swimming Pool, Squash, Tennis or Bowling.