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Konopiste [Konopiště] is a village in Central Bohemia, well known for it’s castle.

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Konopiste Castle, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic

About Konopiste

The village Konopiste is located in the Central Bohemia, 45 minutes southly from Prague, well known for it’s castle. Konopiste is accessible from Prague by car or train direction Benesov u Prahy. It’s even possible to walk to the castle from the station (it takes 20-30 minutes), but you might be better off taking a bus.

History of Konopiste

The castle was originally built in gothic style, but after the Thirty Years’ War damage, rebuilt to the baroque taste.
The castle is being remembered as the residence of the archduke Franz Ferdinand D’Este, who contributed to the castle’s collection of hunting trophies.
According to the stories, duke Ferdinand was very competitive and aimed to break records with his collections. Specially his collection of hunting trophies is one of the largest in Europe.
Ferdinand also possessed collection of artefacts with St George, who is the patron of soldiers and the main saint of England. Ferdinand was aiming to impress the English king with a largest collection of St George’s, but never happened to fulfill his wish.
Ferdinand was assasinated in Sarajevo in 1914 and is nowadays known rather in connection with the beginning of the World War I, than his impressive collections.

Konopiste Castle

The visitors can choose from several circuits, guided or unguided tours. The tallest tower is the Eastern Tower [Východní Věž].
In the moat around the castle you can see also a bear. In the highly decorated interiors you can find thousands of Ferdinand’s throphies. The banqueting hall also offers some valuable pieces of fine art. The castle hosts also a history museum and museum of the St George’s artefacts. The exterior consists of a rose garden, ponds and also an archery for those who want to give it a shot.