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If you are interested in renting or purchasing property in the Czech Republic, there are many options and a good value for your money you can find here.

czech properties, apartments in czechHistorical houses in Telc, Czech Republic

Czech Properties

The best place to go would be the horse’s mouth and check out either Czech Republic websites that deal with this information or real estate brokers that are based in the Czech Republic. You can try where you can find all sorts of offers by real estate agents, or if you want to save some money there is where properties are advertised directly by owners. Real estate agents on rentals take comission (usually one month’s rent) but on the other hand provide more security. Search for a property is something that must be done at a personal level in order to ensure satisfaction, but to get you started here are some of the typical deals that you can expect to see if you continue in your efforts.

Apartment Rentals

The single biggest industry that occurs in foreign investment in the country is apartment renting and that happens mostly in Prague and some of the other large cities as well. Prague is the centre of the apartment rental game, so this is definitely the place that you should look if you want an apartment and you are not too picky about the location. Prague is a beautiful city and because of the tourism angle apartment rentals are relatively easy to come by most of the year. But the offers are continually changing and good appartments for a good price come and go very quickly. Therefore one has to ready to deal briskly, inspect the property and pay the deposit (“kauce”) within a short time. The Czech Republic is small enough that getting to any part of it is not that difficult. All of these reasons are contributing factors to the general popularity that apartment rentals in the Czech Republic.

Flat Purchases

Because the Czech Republic has a budding real estate market, there is a fair amount of foreign interest that is directed to places within its borders. Once again if you are interested in purchasing a flat, then Prague is the best market for you to start your search. Prague’s market is similar to the market of other great cities so that while it might have downturns at different times, it will usually rebound because of the general strength of the economy. Flat purchases in Prague are commonplace for people that are interested in property investment and they are also good for those who like to visit the country on a regular basis.


In addition to apartments and flats, there is also low-density housing in the form of detached and semi-detached units. There are also townhouse complexes as well in certain parts of the country and therefore you’ll still have things to look at if you are interested in low-density purchases. Ultimately however, apartments and flats are the most popular items for buying, selling and renting in the Czech Republic.

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