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Prague is a large city in terms of area and population and it is also a city with a rich historical tradition.

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Capital City Prague

There are many different things that have happened in or around Prague over the years and as the city has expanded, many heritage areas have been retained and expanded upon and in the modern world have become part of the tourism appeal that the city now is able to boast. Prague is located in the Czech Republic in the general area of Bohemia, placed basically in the middle of Europe.

Sights in Prague

There are many districts in Prague, each of which has their own appeal. The most popular areas are The Castle, Lesser Town, Old Town, Jewish Town, New Town and Vysehrad. Within these different districts are many of the tourist attractions that make Prague an excellent place to visit.

Prague Castle is one of the most important tourist attractions in Prague as it is the largest castle of ancient times in the world. No visit to Prague is complete without seeing this medieval monstrosity and along with Strahov Monastery, the Prague Dancing House and the 1989 Velvet Revolution Memorial, it forms the main group of tourist attractions for people that travel to Prague.

Activities in Prague

There are many places interesting for tourists in Prague, including areas where jazz and organ music predominate. These are two of the musical areas in which Prague has made major contributions and for that reason many of the people that travel to Prague find the time to visit this kind of musical events.

In addition to that, there are many cruises along the rivers in Prague available. Cruises are great for tourists because they combine beautiful and leisurely sight-seeing with an informative guide that can tell you a lot about the rich historical tradition that the city of Prague enjoys.

Other things you might enjoy in Prague include various theme sports, walking tours and pub crawls.

Accommodations in Prague

There are four primary choices available to you in Prague for accommodation: conventional sleeping quarters, boat hotels, hostels and apartment rentals. There is also camping available for people that would like to rough things a bit, although that is not part of the official accommodations for tourists that the city offers.

Most people would do well with conventional motels and hotels, although for people that are looking for a bit of a change a boat hotel might be something to think about. Hostels are low-cost, but low-facility as well and are not recommended for families or people that want to have a luxurious vacation. Finally, apartment rentals are largely dependent on market availability and should be arranged before the trip is actually made.