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Czech Republic is a place where entertainment is one of the biggest pull factors that draw many people to the country as tourists.

czech entertainment, outdoor czechKrizik’s Fountain in Prague, Czech Republic

Czech Republic Entertainment

While many people have never thought of the Czech Republic as a major tourism destination, the first time that they end up in the country and experience the tourist experience they are hooked! The Czech Republic has one of the highest repeat visitor percentages around and one of the reasons is the great entertainment that they offer.

Outdoor Entertainment

Outdoor entertainment in the Czech Republic is excellent and can provide all of the experiences you would require as an outdoor tourist. Not only can you entertain yourself with visits to many of the outdoor tourist attractions in Prague and other Czech cities, but you can also take part in many outdoor activities that are regularly done in the Czech Republic. Activities like biking, hiking, swimming, and hang gliding are all readily available to you. Even if you would prefer the team experience, it is quite easy signing up to play soccer, ice hockey or golf while you are here.

Indoor Entertainment

Indoor entertainment is as easy to come by in the Czech Republic as outdoor entertainment, although it happens to be more suited to the mainstream popular tourist rather than the tourist looking for something unique. This is why you’ll be able to watch spectator sports, go to movies in the native language with subtitles and eat some of the best food you’ve ever tasted while you are entertaining yourself indoors in the Czech Republic. Some great music can be heard in bars and nightclubs as well, allowing for excellent entertainment value.

The Pub Crawl

The pub crawl really deserves special mention because it is an activity that is close to the heart of many of the Czech people that you are likely to meet in your travels. What makes the pub crawl so great is the fact that you can meet up with a bunch of strangers and then go from pub to pub, drinking and partying as you go. The people involved in the pub crawl can either be tourists or locals to the city that you’re in, making the pub crawl a fantastic way to meet new people. Many people have met on a pub crawl only to get married later, which is a testament to how friendly the atmosphere you’ll encounter can be.