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Czech Republic has many historical sites of a high importance, which can also be lovely and fun places to visit, adding your trip a different dimension.

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Czech Culture

Many people that tour a particular country are looking for a chance to get immersed in the culture of that country. Luckily for you if you are one of these people, the Czech Republic has a very rich cultural heritage. Many of the excellent tourist destinations reflect this great heritage.

Movie Theatres

The Czech Republic has movie theatres that showcase not only the best and brightest of the Czech movie industry, but also films from elsewhere across the world. Of course, traveling overseas in order to see a movie you can get around the block is quite boring, so it is important to take a look at the Czech movies that you can watch. Many of them will come with English subtitles, so you can catch a real Czech film and actually be able to understand it.


Winemaking is a big part of Czech culture and many of the great wines in the world actually do come from the Czech Republic. Mostly though, their wines are local, meaning that you’ll need to dine in one of the restaurants in the country in order to get a chance to taste the really good stuff. You can also get a tour of the Moravian wine region in the Czech Republic on horseback, an experience that many tourists end up cherishing because of the combination of relaxation and beauty that they get out of it.

Historical Tradition

There are many sites in Prague and elsewhere around the Czech Republic that can be considered tourist attractions that fall under the purview of Czech history. Czech people are very proud of their history and display it prominently for others to see. For that reason, they tend to get very offended if anyone believes Czechoslovakia was ever a part of either the Russian Empire or the Soviet Union, both of which are untrue and really quite ridiculous considering the real history. If you take the time to learn about Czech history, Czech people will be quite appreciative and can end up having a lovely time with hospitable locals.