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Bear Paws

Bear Paws, Medvědí pracny are one of the Czech christmas cookies.
The madeleine cookie pan just works great as a bear paw mold.

Bear Paws, Medvědí Pracny RecipeBear Paw Cookies[Medvědí pracny]
Medvedi pracny

Ingredients: Yields 12 cookies

150g   all purpose flour
100h   unsalted butter
80g   sugar
20g   cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon   cinnamon
50g   ground walnuts
10g   icing sugar for dusting
  madeleine cookie pan or bear paw molds
Medvedi pracny

Directions: 1

Place all ingredients except butter into a food processor and pulse until blended.Add cold butter and pulse until it forms a dough.

Medvedi pracny


Preheat oven to 170°C (338°F). Press a dough into the cookie molds.

Medvedi pracny


Bake for 15-20minutes. Remove cookies from oven and dust icing sugar while cookies are still warm.

Medvedi pracny


Bear paws are better the next day.


Store in an air-tight container.