Palacinky 6 September 2009 Go Pushkin


Palacinky are very thin pancakes which are similar to french crepes.
Enjoy with your favourite fillings and toppings!

Palacinky recipeCzech Dessert, Palacinky
czech crepes, Palacinky

Ingredients: Serve 2

100g   flour
1   egg
100ml   milk
1 Tablespoon   sugar
1 pinch   salt


fillings and toppings
your favourite jam, cream, powdered sugar, cinnamon etc…

palacinky, czech dessert

Directions: 1

Place egg, milk, sugar and salt in a bowl and mix well. Add flour in a few times and blend until smooth.
Try not to whisk.

palacinky, czech dish


Heat a frying pan over medium heat, coat with oil. Pour the batter onto the pan. Spread batter evenly using a bottom of ladle.

palacinky, czech food


Cook until the bottom has just turn golden brown then flip over.

palacinky, czech dessert


Roll or fold with your favourite fillings and toppings. Enjoy!


This recipe makes 4 palacinky.
If you use nonstick frying pan, don’t need to coat with oil.