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Czech Recipes

Here are popular Czech food recipes!

Bramborak recipe


The Czech style potato pancake.
Making bramborak is easier than you would think.
So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Marinated Cheese Recipe

Nakládaný hermelín

Nakladany hermelin (Marinated Cheese / Pickled hermelin) is a typical czech pub dish.
It’s a perfect snack with beer and you can make it for 15 minutes.
Easy yummy marinated cheese recipe. HERE!

  • My son and I were in Prague in Sept. We had dinner at a pub/restaraunt. The name escapes me. Our dish came in a skillet. It was pork, chicken, beef? 3-4 types of tender meat in a cream sauce with sliced potatoes on top and baked. Theres probably more to it but thats all I remember except, IT WAS SO GOOD!! Could you find this recipe or a variation of it for me PLEASE! I want to share it with my family.

  • hi Sherrie, welcome… glad you liked…

  • hi Sherry, what was the structure of the food like, was is still a bit liquid or baked to solid state? Was there cheese also or cabbage (sauerkraut) ? Any other vegetables like greenpees or carrot?

  • Uniquelaud

    What is thashky and how is it made?

  • Hi, thx for the comment, “tašky” is an expression in Slovak language used for a wide variety of pastry dishes where the filling is wrapped with thin pastry. The name tasky means bag/s – as the filling is placed in a “bag” created out of dough. Usually boiled but can be also baked or deep fried, filled with meet, cottage cheese or even jam…

  • Mark Colleli

    Did Sherrie Cowden ever respond to your questions about the dish she had in Prague? I’d love to know about it, for a Czech friend of mine in Clarkson, Nebraska.

  • No, she didn’t respond. We’d like to know more about her experience in Prague. 

  • Astheart

    There are turnovers, baked or cooked