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Bramborak (Potato Pancake) is Czech traditional family dish that every
family has their own style.

bramborak, recipeCzech Dish, Bramborak
bramborak, czech dish

Ingredients: Serves 2

400g   potatoes
1 clove   garlic
3/4 cup   flour
1/4 cup   milk
1   egg
1 Tablespoon   dried marjoram
1/2 Teaspoon   salt
1/2 Teaspoon   pepper
czech recipes, bramboak

Directions: 1.

Peel and grate potatoes.
Add grated garlic, flour, milk, egg, marjoram,
salt and pepper into a large bowl.

czech recipes, bramboak


Mix well.

czech recipe, potato pancake


Fry both side until golden brown. 

potato pancakes, czech dish


Serve with your favourite salad or Sauerkraut.


Add milk if the batter is too thick and If the batter is too watery, add flour.
This recipe is suitable for Vegetarian.
You can add sliced sausage or cheese into the batter if you like.

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  • Vlad

    Very quick and easy,  Turned out just like my mum used to make

  • Sonia Pazdirek

    I would like to know about some sauces to go with.Thanks.

  • Hi, Sonia. Thank you for the comment.
    We don’t usually use sauce with bramborak. We do eat it with Sauerkraut. If  you want to use sauce, tartare sauce or sour cream would be nice. Hope it helps.   

  • zbselepa

    Applesauce and or light sour cream is good 

  • Thank you for the suggestion!