Czech Christmas Customs 29 September 2011 Go Pushkin

Czech Christmas Customs

Czech Christmas MarketChristmas Market, Prague

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    First of all we Czechs start celebrating Christmas on the 24th Dec – the Christmas Eve. That evening is the most important for us. In each family you can see a beautiful Christmas tree with glittering glass decorations and chains on but also with chocolates and gingerbread (children love it). All Christmas presents are laid under the tree and it´s said they have been brought by Jesus Baby or Grandpa Frost.The Christmas dinner is served. The table is lovely prepared. There are tiny delicious Christmas cookies (which are made weeks ago in all families acc. to their favorite recipes and you can find thousands of those recipes), fruit, nuts and Christmas decoration on. First, a Christmas soup is served. It can be a fish soup or pea soup with croûtons for instance. It depends on family customs. Then it´s the time for the main dish. No Czech can imagine anything else than fried fish (in breadcrumbs) and cold mayonnaise potato salad. After dinner we have coffee or some other drink and Christmas cookies. And here we got the the point children love the most. We go to unpack our presents. The 25th Dec is the day of relaxing, watching fairly-tales  on TV and walks. On 26th Dec we usually go to visit our friends or family members who weren´t with us during the Christmas Eve.