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If you need to know how to book a flight, car, hotel or anything else in
Czech Republic…

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Booking flights into the Czech Republic is not particularly difficult, although there are many ways that you can go about it even when you are not traveling directly to the country. The airport in Prague does accept flights internationally, but for some people it is considered better to go to one of the larger airports in Western Europe before taking some other means of transportation to Prague. Ultimately it is a matter of personal preference, as the airport in Prague ("Letiště Praha – Ruzyně") is able to handle both.


Booking a car in the Czech Republic to drive around is not at all a difficult thing to do and many people prefer this method for getting around the country.

However, you need to be aware of the fact that the Czech Republic has a zero tolerance policy towards alcohol, meaning that any amount of alcohol that is in you when you are driving is going to be illegal. In addition to that, you need to purchase a toll sticker before driving on the major motorways and any traffic fines that you incur need to be paid on the spot.


Trains are still one of the most celebrated methods of getting around the Czech Republic, primarily because of the fact that they operate at regular intervals (even during non-rush hours) and because of the fact that they can take you to all of the remote areas of the country in style. Traveling in a train is something that everyone visiting Europe must do and traveling in a train is a great way to travel the country. Train tickets are relatively easy to purchase. In fact, it is quite possible for you to take sleeper cars to each new destination and never have to stay in a hotel because you slept on the go.


There are many other bookings that you can get in the Czech Republic, but the two other primary ones are bicycles and boats. Because of the excellent river system that runs through Europe, boating is a very fun and exciting (not to mention scenic) way of getting to Prague from a city like Budapest. The Elbe River in the Czech Republic is quite beautiful and taking a boat ride will give you the chance to appreciate it all.

Bicycling is another way to get around the Czech Republic and because of the large number of people that do it, bicycle rentals are readily available in all major and most minor Czech cities.